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Advent: The Forgotten Necessity

Why do we celebrate Advent? A better question is this: why not?

Advent is a special season of the year when the church focuses on the two appearances (or advents) of Christ as outlined in the Scriptures.

The Meaning of Advent

Christ's First Advent

We know Christ's first appearance well. He was born in a barn, surrounded by hay, animals and shepherds: not exactly the greatest entrance for the King of the universe. Yet this was God's plan all along because this king was born, not for ceremony, but for suffering. The King of Creation would become the Suffering Sacrifice for the sin of the world. All who believe in that Suffering Sacrifice will become part of God’s family for all eternity.

This is Christ's first advent (or appearance). We most commonly celebrate it during the Christmas season.

Christ's Second Advent

Christ’s second appearance will be quite different. Instead of a Suffering Sacrifice, Christ will come as a Conquering King. His military might will sweep across the globe, subjugating everything in its path. He will then reign over the earth in perfection.

The Purpose of Advent

The season of Advent brings these two appearances of Christ together, showing that they are indeed part of one cosmic plan: the plan to take back that creation that rightfully belongs to God. Christ’s first advent, His sacrifice, brought about the spiritual kingdom of God. God’s divine plan of redemption required Christ’s sacrifice to reconcile human beings to God. All who believe will be saved.

His second advent will establish the physical kingdom of God as He rules over a perfect creation once more. All who follow Christ will glory in the greatest benefits of heaven. Christ will judge the rest of humanity, condemning them to eternal separation from God in hell.

The Importance of Advent

Advent reveals God’s grace, not just in Christ’s coming to save us, but also in Christ's second appearance when He reclaims His people and the world that rightfully belong to Him. It is important we understand that to properly understand Christmas we must first understand Advent.

This is why we celebrate Advent. It isn’t just a formality. It is faith in action and gives us the right perspective for the holidays. So celebrate Advent this year with your family and discover what the true reason for the season is.

God bless!

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